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Sir Frank Peters wins Writer of the Year 2017 award

14 September 2017,Thursday, 10:49

London, UK: Sir Frank Peters has picked-up yet another award to add to his impressive collection for professional writing and photography.

The award was given by Campionmedia, a collective of professional writers and photographers who were once described by the late media and TV doyen Sir David Frost as the “backbone of the British publishing industry”.

Campionmedia, which has gained international respect for its professionalism, accuracy and integrity, contributes to newspapers and magazines throughout Europe and worldwide.

Mr Phil Campion, Managing Director of the national news agency, said: “Sir Frank was voted Writer of the Year 2017 by his peers in recognition of his persistence and noble contribution to the welfare of school children in Bangladesh.”

In 2010, Frank launched a national campaign to abolish corporal punishment in Bangladesh schools and because of his stature, was given world attention. In January, the following year, Bangladesh Supreme Court justices Md. Imman Ali and Md. Sheikh Hasan Arif, banned the practice and declared corporal punishment to be: ‘cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment and a clear violation of a child’s fundamental right to life, liberty and freedom’.”

In his campaign of seven years, and still ongoing, Frank has called a ‘spade a spade’, spoken fearlessly, and locked horns on the subject with teachers, headmasters and even with Pope Francis. He has averaged 250-newspaper reports annually in the Bangladesh national press and news websites and his opinions on the subject have been quoted in different parliaments by MPs opposing corporal punishment. It’s estimated his published words on the subject to date almost number two million.

Supreme Court justice Md. Imman Ali, who’s popularly known as the children’s judge because of his openness in the protection of children, once said of Sir Frank: “He has become an inspiring example of the defence of children’s rights” and wrote to him a personal note of appreciation.

Musa Ibrahim, the first Bangladeshi to climb Mount Everest, inscribed a book he presented to him with the words: “On behalf of all like-minded parents, thank you for all your Mount Everest-size efforts to abolish the deplorable and despicable corporal punishment in our schools, for the benefit of our children and the greater good of Bangladesh.”

Sir Frank has enjoyed the admiration and respect of Editors worldwide as both a writer and a publicist for his seemingly in-exhaustive fresh and captivating publicity ideas. His list of clients over the years include three royal princes and celebrities from the worlds of music, film, stage, sports and captains of industries.

His unique hallmark of distinction has been to thank the people who published his reports before moving on with the next project and he ascribes much of his success to that respectful principle.

“It may be hard to believe by some, but Editors and journalists are human, too, and deserve to be shown respect and appreciation when they perform good deeds and not taken for granted,” he said.

It is worth mentioning that Sir Frank Peters is a regular contributor to Ennayadiganta.com.


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