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Murder-kidnap-rape gripping Rohingya camp

Golam Azam Khan, Cox’s Bazar

30 March 2019,Saturday, 21:43

Rohingya refugees fled brutal crackdown in Myanmar’s Rakhine state and taken shelter in Bangladesh are being affected by new problems.

Members of the persecuted community, who are interested to return to their homeland, Myanmar, and working to build awareness in this regard, are allegedly the main victims of abduction.

Moreover, tensions are rising in camps over various factors including internal conflicts among refugees, attacks on police personnel and foreign journalists.

More than 750,000 Rohingya fled Myanmar following a devastating massacre and ethnic cleansing on Aug. 25, 2017 in Rakhine State by Myanmar army in the name of drive against insurgents.

The persecuted people have taken shelter in 30 squalid makeshifts in southern Ukhia and Tekhnaf areas of Cox’s Bazar district.

Currently, more than 1.1 million Rohingya refugees are living in Bangladesh’s camps including with those fled different earlier crackdowns since 1978.

Sources said, for maintaining law and order situation in camps authorities have appointed one leader, entitled Majhee, from every 400 Rohingya members. Those Majhees are also engaged in operating relief activities in the camp.

The reality is that controlling of these huge camps is not limited to those Majhees, or head Majhees. Ever, in most cases law enforcers are also helpless.

Some Rohingya members, seeking anonymity, told that three terrorist groups are now controlling the camps, who are not interested to be repatriated to their homeland.

Sources said, Master Dil Mohammad, Rohingya refugee at B-One camp under B-Block in Tekhnaf’s Shamlapur Makeshifts were kidnapped on last March 12 at night by an armed Rohingya terrorist group.

Mohammad was silently campaigning for building awareness among Rohingya people to return to Myanmar.

The armed Rohingya group came at the camp and blindfolded Mohammad in front of his wife and two kids and took him away. Till filing of this report Mohammad could not be rescued.    

The dead body of Hafez Shafiqul Islam (25), a Rohingya refugee at Lambashia area of Kutupalang camp, was recovered from the hole of a toilet two weeks ago.

The dead body of Rohingya Madrasha teacher Islam was recovered through hectic efforts of 10 days after his abduction.    

Islam was allegedly abducted anti-repatriation armed Rohingya in the broad daylight on his way to Lambashia Darussalam Madrasha at Kutupalang camp.   

Rauzia Begum, a Rohingya woman, filed a lawsuit in the court in incident of abduction of her husband Moulavi Abul Hashem. Ukhia Police station probed the allegation and found authenticity.  

On the other hand, another case has been filed in police station in allegation of kidnapping a Rohingya, Nur Kamal.

The plaintiffs of the both cases are now leading fugitive life out of the camps in fear of further harassment.

It is found in random talking with Rohingya people at different camps in Ukhia-Tekhnaf areas that most of the members of the persecuted people are interested to return to their original birthplace in Myanmar.

On the other hand, some quarters of Rohingya are not interested to return to their homeland and at the same time they are also trying to interrupt other refugees from repatriation process.

Ordinary Rohingya avoid police or army personnel in fear that they may be identified and abducted or killed.

As a result, many Rohingya people do not go to police outposts or camp in-charge offices with allegation. Even in many cases general Rohingya people are compelled to meet the demands of the armed Rohingya groups not interested to return homeland.  

A Rohingya named Rashida lost her husband in Rakhine, who was brutally murdered by Myanmar army. She fled to Bangladesh with her 10-year old son Muhammad who was kidnapped only a few days after Rashida’s migration to Bangladesh.

The most dangerous allegation against the anti-repatriation-armed Rohingya group is that they take away the beautiful young Rohingya ladies in a cinematic freestyle mood.

They take those females at night before the very sight of their parents and return them in the morning after night-long torturing. None dare to make a sound against those nightmares.

Mohammad Rezaul Karim, government employee supervising Rohingya camps, also admits the allegation of abduction.

He said that till the date at least two hundred Rohingya people have been abducted. “More devastating factor than abduction is torturing on females,” he added.

Last February 21 three German journalists were attacked by armed Rohingya members at Lambashia area in Kutupalang camp.

Officer in charge of Ukhia Police Station Abul Khaer told that the situation of the camps is deteriorating day by day. “We have filed cases against 400 Rohingya members in the incident of attack on foreign journalists,” he said, adding that 11 accused have been arrested.  

Even, some imams (religious leaders) of some mosques have been targeted by the armed terrorists for conducting lecture in Arakani language during Friday prayer, a Rohingya refugee said seeking anonymity.  

Rohingya repatriation leader Mahmudul Haq Choudhury said that some terrorists are now controlling refugee camps. Police are also helpless here, he added. “The terrorists are becoming more desperate day by day, he said, adding that they are also attacking locals.

“We have got warning information in investigating Rohingya leader Arif murder case. We have informed the higher authorities,” Ukhia police station in-charge added.

Office of Cox’s Bazar police super also expressed concern and said that it is very tough to control the camps of above 1.1 million Rohingya refugees. “About 1,000 police members are working day-night with all risks”.

A total of 13 check posts have been set up and 12 special police teams are working there, Police super office added.

Refugee, relief and repatriation commissioner (RRRC), Mohammad Abul Kalam, said that the utmost need is to repatriate Rohingya with safety and dignity. He also urges international community to come forward with more efficiency in this regard.


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