04 July 2020

US is viewed as embodiment of “State Terrorism”: Iran Embassy

The Iran's embassy in Bangladesh has termed the assassination of their top military commander Qassem Soleimani by the United States as a symbol of unilateralism, criminality and encroachment upon Iraq’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.   

"Today the United States (US) is viewed as the embodiment of “State Terrorism” by the freedom-living nations of the world and its government is considered the most hated of all the governments," Iranian embassy in Dhaka told this in a statement issued on Sunday.

Head of Iran's elite Quds Force, Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, deputy commander of Iran-backed militias known as the Popular Mobilisation Forces, or PMF, were killed on Friday in Iraq's capital Baghdad by a US air raid, escalating tension between the US and Iran.

US Defense Headquarter, or the Pentagon, confirmed the attack at Baghdad's international airport, saying it came "at the direction of President Donald Trump".

Iran, however, terms the murders a heinous crime of the US and stated: "Without a doubt, the blood of this great commander of Islam that was spilled unjustly will make the tree of resistance bulkier and will make the tension-raising policies of the US even more ineffective than before."

The statement reiterates Iran's determination to take revenge on Soleimani's murder and said: "The unwise and heartless perpetrators of this horrible crime should know that they will receive a teeth-shattering response."

Starting with a verse of Muslim's Holy Quran the statement said that Qassem Soleimani devoted all his life to the path of struggles for sake of Allah and martyrdom was his ultimate prize.

Meanwhile, the flag of the Iranian embassy in Dhaka was hoisted half-mast to salute the exalted soul of the great and exemplary soldier of Iran, General Soleimani, as was done in all other Iranian embassies across the world, the statement says.

Soleimani was an untiring combatant and fought against the extremism and terrorism, the statement said, adding that "the Glorious commander-in-chief was a credit and dignity not just for the people of Iran but for all the Muslims and all the oppressed and destitute in the entire world."

In remembrance of the contribution of General Soleimani, the statement said that he was a nightmare for Israel, Al-Qaeda and ISIS and he was the person who saved Syria and Iraq from the clutches of the barbaric terrorists of ISIS. "Yes […] His only sin was that he was the destroyer of ISIS which was created in the first place by the United States itself and that is why he was highly sought-after by the US government." 

"This wicked action violated all the international rules and laws as well as the regional peace and stability and it was aimed at escalating tensions and war-mongering," the statement said.


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