23 July 2024

Bangladesh undermined by Indian media after border tensions with China

India reacts over duty-free access of Bangladeshi products in China - Photo Desk

Bangladesh has been undermined in Indian media over progress in Dhaka-Beijing tie that is always seemingly to be a matter of tension for New Delhi.

Bangla-language Indian daily newspaper, the Anandabazar, on Saturday termed the Bangladesh-China relations as depending on “Charity money”.

“Chinese efforts to get Bangladesh in its favor through the spread of charity money is nothing new,” the report said.

Pointing to the recent deadly face-off between the armies of India and China at Ladakh border the report added: “In the wake of rising tensions following the deadly clashes on Ladakh border with India, Beijing has involved in the same practice with new ventures.”

“They [China] on Friday declared special facilities for Bangladesh, allowing duty-free access to additional 5,161 Bangladeshi exporting products. As a result of it, China has granted duty-free facilities to 97% Bangladeshi products in Chinese market. The new decision will be activated on July 1,” Anandabazar said.

The newspaper, however, marked that Bangladesh and India are now passing through a tested good tie despite different critical turnings.

“India has no warm relations with southern Sri-Lanka and Maldives and northern Nepal and Bhutan as it were in the past.”

Citing diplomats as assessing the report added: “Behind this adverse situation [for India] there is the role of China”.

“China is implementing policies to isolate India in the region through the demotion of relationships with its neighboring countries,” the report said, adding that “Bangladesh is the target of them [China] in such plotting since the last few years”.

Anandabazar claimed that [to reach the goal] China is investing in different sectors here [Bangladesh] while the country’s traders are reaching to the local markets in Bangladeshi remote areas.

“The premier share market in [Bangladesh’s capital] Dhaka is also under their [Chinese] grip,” the report accuses.   

Referring to the preferences Bangladesh is enjoying in Chinese market, the report added: “So far 3,095 Bangladeshi products have duty-free access in China under the Asia Pacific Trade Agreement (APTA). Now the tally of products enjoying the said facility in China stands at 8,256”.

A notification issued by Bangladeshi foreign ministry on Friday, however, claimed that as a least developed country Bangladesh has been granted for the additional duty-free facilities by Beijing.


Reacts in local media

Bangladeshi local media has reacted over the report of the Anandabazar that addressed Bangladesh with a derogatory approach.

“India disrespects Bangladesh by addressing it ‘poor’ after being defeated by China”, local leading private television channel “Somoy TV” makes the headline.  

The report said: “When Indian relationship with China passes through a critical proportion, China grants duty-free access for 97% Bangladeshi products. Naturally, Bangladesh welcomes it. But Indian media overreacts about the Chinese decision”.

The new Chinese move has been seemingly considered by India as “to pour water on a drowned mouse, or to slay the slain”, the Somoy TV report points out.

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