19 October 2019

Now detergent, antibiotics too found in milk


After finding lead and pesticide, now researchers have detected detergent and antibiotics in milk produced and marketed by five companies.

They companies are – Pran, Milk Vita, Igloo, Aarong, and Farm Fresh.

Researchers say after testing milk available in the kitchen market for consumers across the country they have found traces of detergent in pasteurised milk.

“We tested both pasteurised and non-pasteurised raw milk produced by these companies and found traces of detergent and antibiotics in them,” said Prof ABM Faruque, director of Biomedical Research Centre while unveiling their findings at a press conference at Dhaka University today.

Dhaka University’s Pharmacy Faculty and Biomedical Research Centre jointly conducted the tests.

“The traces of antibiotics that we found were meant for human use. Antibiotics for humans and animals are totally different. We need to stop the use of antibiotics meant for humans on animals,” Prof Faruque said.

He said the antibiotic found in the milk samples meant for humans and that was administered to the cows.

“Antibiotics for humans and animals are completely different. We need to stop the use of human antibiotics on animals. Otherwise, there will be a fatal consequence for human beings.” Prof Faruque said.

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