13 July 2020

Illegal expatriates asked to leave Malaysia by December 31


The government of Malaysia extended a special opportunity for illegal expatriates to leave the country without meeting any legal action.

A press release issued by Bangladesh High Commission in Malaysia said a new program named ‘Back 4 Good’ was launched to implement the plan which permits the expatriates, who entered the country without visa and who are overstaying there, to return home after meeting some easy conditions, UNB reports.

Starting on August 1, the program will be continued till December 31, said the press release citing Malaysian home ministry.

They will have to pay 700 Ringgit for getting special pass and will have to submit their passport, travel documents and air ticket to Malaysian immigration.

Then the authority will provide a special pass to the applicant within a working day. He or she will have to leave the country within seven days after receiving the pass.

All the provinces except Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan will be under the program.

However, the government of Malaysia took the initiative following discussions with its Bangladeshi counterparts at different times.

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