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NTU scientists develop patch that helps burn fats

A team of scientists at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) of Singapore has found a new approach to reducing bulging tummy fats.


Swine flu causes over 250 deaths in India's Rajasthan

The highly-contagious swine flu virus has hit Rajasthan hard as so far 253 deaths have been reported since the start of this year in the state, an official said on Tuesday.


New findings may improve chemotherapy in cancer treatment

Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine have found that human cells have a way of detecting and mending DNA damage caused by some common chemotherapy drugs and to knock out this mending function may increase the potency of certain chemotherapy drugs in treatment of cancer.


Half of world lacks access to essential health services: UN-backed report

At least half of the world's population cannot obtain essential health services, and nearly 100 million people are being pushed into extreme poverty each year due to the out-of-pocket health expenses they must pay, according to a United Nations-backed study.


Will artificial ovaries put a stop to menopause?

Scientists are exploring lab-grown ovaries as a potential alternative to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for menopausal women.


Using mouthwash regularly linked to diabetes risk

Most of us are in the habit of using mouthwash at least once or twice daily, as a part of oral hygiene. But are you aware that your routine may spike the sugar level in your blood within no time?


Alarm as 'super malaria' spreads in South East Asia

The rapid spread of "super malaria" in South East Asia is an alarming global threat, scientists are warning.The rapid spread of "super malaria" in South East Asia is an alarming global threat, scientists are warning.


Anti-diabetes drug also 'lessens kidney, heart disease' risk

An anti-diabetic drug that lowers blood sugar levels for type 2 diabetes sufferers also significantly cuts the risk of cardiovascular and kidney disease, according to a study published Monday.


Finger-stick blood test may not help type 2 diabetes treatment: Study

New research has revealed that checking blood sugar with a finger-stick may not help type 2 diabetes patients who do not use insulin.


10 things to know about central nervous system

The central nervous system of the body helps all the parts such as the digestive, endocrine, immune, lymphatic and muscular systems to communicate with each other.


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