20 July 2019

‘Deprived’ BCL men gives 48-hour ultimatum

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A faction of Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) today issued an ultimatum that they would go on hunger strike if the newly-formed committee was not scrapped within 48 hours.

They also demanded punishment of those who are involved in Monday’s attack on them.

The leaders of the faction, who were not included in the new committee, made the announcement at a press conference at Modhur Canteen around 1:30pm.

“We’re rejecting this committee,” said BCL’s former publication secretary Saif Babu.

He demanded punishment of the attackers and threatened to resign from the student body if the demands went unheeded.

Nipo Tonne, former deputy cultural affairs secretary of the previous committee, alleged that non-students, drug dealers and criminals got posts in the new committee.

The BCL leaders brought out a procession on the campus after the press conference.

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