24 July 2024

Turkish Spiderman helping elderly amid virus lockdown

Burak Soylu from Antalya does grocery shopping for people restricted to stay indoors
Turkish Spiderman - Courtesy to Anadolu Agency

Spiderman has hit the streets of Turkey's southern resort city of Antalya, helping people living under the coronavirus lockdown.

With his superhero costume on, Burak Soylu helps the elderly with their groceries since they have to stay indoors as part of Ankara's measures against COVID-19.

In this way, he says, he not only helps those in need but boosts their morale too.

"I sometimes drive, sometimes climb, I'm very happy that I could help people and draw attention to the call to stay at home," Soylu told Anadolu Agency.

"Everyone has a superpower called 'goodness,' they should use it more often," he said, adding that he will continue to do his best to help and amuse older people.

Locals in the southern province have appreciated their new superhero's virtuousness.

“Spiderman delivers our vegetables and fruits. It is really motivating on these boring days,” an elderly woman said. [Source: Anadolu Agency]


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