24 July 2024

Along with brand promotion, Rashid Al Ruhani is creating entrepreneurs


Lack of proper guidance is one of the first problems to be faced in starting out as an entrepreneur. Creating your own employment outside of traditional jobs can be very challenging unless you have the right information at the right time. Rashid Al Ruhani (Rohan), one of the country's brand promoters, is on the side of the entrepreneurs to solve this problem. When asked, this young brand promoter said, "The number of unemployed in the country is several lakhs.

Among them, at least thousands of unemployed youths are now doing business with the business ideas I gave. And this is the purpose of my brand promotion.
Although Rohan is a journalist by profession, he has long been interested in photography and videography. He also had some ideas to work on social problems. From that interest, in 2015, he started content creation on YouTube by creating a channel with brand promotion called "Daily Needs". Also through his Facebook page “Daily Needs by Rohan” his contents are reaching everyone. Rohan is promoting new business ideas through his YouTube channel and Facebook page. Not only that; If someone wants to start a business with any particular product, Rohan gives detailed information and instructions in his videos about where to get the necessary equipment and other materials at a cheap price. Millions of unemployed are taking up business ventures and some are becoming successful.

There are tons of videos with information and advice on everything from everyday work items to clothing and even electronics. He gives information about various food items like bread, cake, biscuit, chanachur, muri and even noodles and semai making machines. In addition, Rohan's videos can be used to learn about the daily essential products, pens or candle making machines. Along with choosing the right device, the guidelines for using it are also well presented in the videos. He also expresses his opinion on how the business investment will be, and above all how the profit will be. And for these reasons, he has become very popular among the unemployed and entrepreneurs of the country.

Apart from brand promotion, Rohan's professional life is not to be mentioned. While in the second year of Jagannath University's Department of Anthropology, he started working as a university representative on an online news portal called 'Breaking News.com.bd'. While working here, he got calls from one of the most popular online news portals 'Bangla Tribune' and English daily 'Dhaka Tribune'. After two years of journalism, he joined 'Bangla Tribune and Dhaka Tribune' as a university representative. Since Bangla Tribune and Dhaka Tribune are owned by the same organization, his reports were published in both newspapers.

Later in 2017, he was promoted to the post of Bengali Tribune's own reporter in the education department. During this time he won the best journalist award several times. Later he worked as a reporter in 'Dainik Desh Rupantar' from 2019 to 2021. Currently he is working in 'Shikshabarta' portal. Apart from the job, several of his writings were published in the well-known newspaper 'Dainik Amar Sangbad'.

Rohan has created a trusted space for entrepreneurs in the online world. Many of the successful entrepreneurs today got their inspiration from him to start their businesses. Commenting that there is no alternative to creating entrepreneurs in the unemployment problem, he said, "If the country's development and even the unemployed youth of the country are to be converted into manpower, they should be encouraged to become entrepreneurs." Only if self-employment can be created, the country will be completely unemployment-free, the country will be more self-reliant. And I will work on it in the future as well as at present.

Currently his channel “Daily Needs” is a family of 1 million people. He also has more than 11 lakh followers on his Facebook page.

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