09 December 2023

The Story of Future World after COVID 19

File photo: Fazly Rabbi Khan - Photo Desk

Just when the human community is thinking of settling on an alien planet or setting up a hotel in space for pleasure travel, a very insignificant, almost invisible virus called Corona has stopped this civilization blessed with the ultimate in technology. No one could have imagined that the world could stop like this. In World War II, about 100 million people lost their lives, but the world of service did not come to a standstill. The primitive human race began the agricultural era about 12,000 years ago. Since then, modern civilization has evolved through a series of discoveries and inventions, and within that time we have wiped out about 83% of the animals and 50% of the plants, half of which have disappeared from the earth in the last 50 years.

Corona has taught us that the economic system we have built is not sustainable at all. Today's urban people cannot afford to rent a house if they are unemployed for a month, unable to afford their children's education or health care. Compared to that, the rural society produces food on its own and the cost of their livelihood is very low. Even if they do not have modern luxury facilities, they will be able to live comfortably within their own economic structure for months on end. Overall, the big cities are now paralyzed, and the trillion-dollar economic system has become a lifeless theory. Many people now have a line of thought, how can the next world look?

According to the ADB, the global financial loss due to the corona is about 4 trillion US dollars. Only developing countries need about $ 2.5 trillion to recover this loss, but the question is, who will pay the money? The global economic downturn will result in the loss of jobs worldwide by the billions of people, most of whom are relatively low incomes. The economic downturn will also occur in tourist dependent countries. The oil-gas-based Middle East and other countries will also have widespread impacts. Corona has already brought down the transport and industrial industries, resulting in a global recession in the oil-based economy. Due to the corona, there will be a crisis situation in the developed countries as well, and there are already hints of it in Europe. Many experts believe that the European Union could become a failed organization. When a global catastrophe occurs, the heat of destruction reaches the palaces of the rich. So maybe Spain's Foreign Minister Aranza Gonzales opened up about it, saying, "When the whole ship sinks, the first class cabin won't protect you."

Developed countries will become more extremist nationalists in the face of global turmoil, resulting in more difficult immigration laws. The remittance fighters of the relatively underdeveloped countries who have been keeping the flow of remittances in the poor countries for so long, the flow of remittances will naturally ebb in the coming days. The globalization bullshit we've been hearing for so long will become globalized in the future.

 States will want to ensure exports for themselves first, instead of exporting, so supply-chains will become globalized instead of globalized. As a result of the Corona, global GDP growth will slow to 1.5 percent. If we cannot ensure health care and social security, many states will turn to the failed state. In many countries this will result in social unrest. A large number of unemployed and hungry people will be involved in criminal activities in order to survive, and the rich will also suffer from insecurity.

Many countries will be in critical condition if they cannot handle the situation caused by the corona virus. The failure of the state to deal with the coronavirus will create a kind of political instability. The government has recently collapsed in Kosovo. This is an example for us. Such incidents are likely to be witnessed in the coming days. Many developed nations will lose their spheres of power, the winds of global power have already begun to blow towards China and Russia, and Europe and America are becoming increasingly disoriented.

Corona has made us realize how helpless and at the same time selfish mankind is. We have oppressed nature for ages for our own enjoyment, because of us thousands of species of animals and plants have been lost from the environment. We have not only stopped oppressing the environment, we have jumped on them to increase the sphere of power wherever we find weak people.

Therefore, even in 2020, medieval barbarism is repeated in Africa, Syria, Palestine or Myanmar. We are investing more in destruction than in human welfare. The world's leaders are more interested in investing in whitening creams than in pharmaceutical research, with greater commercial benefits. But if the money spent on weapons or luxuries was to be invested in human welfare, then today no one would go to sleep under the open sky with a stomach full of hunger.

I will end the article with a quote from Yuval Noah Harari, who says, "The Animal Becomes a God". No animal or plant species is safe from this home sapiens, have we been able to make ourselves happy after all this? We need to rethink how much peace a person can have in today's modern age compared to the primitive agricultural age. Now is the best time for world leaders to decide, will mankind continue this journey of destruction or will it begin anew to build a happy human world? We have not yet lost the opportunity to make the precarious world a human and liveable

Writer: Engineer and columnist

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