09 December 2023

Mother tongue is essential in the practice of knowledge

Mother tongue is essential in the practice of knowledge -

Language is one of the main means of communication. Through which man expresses his own expression to others. In addition, its role in maintaining existence is immense. Language is also the carrier of civilization. The development of civilization is due to the development of language and the increase of dignity. Language carries the identity of thought-consciousness, knowledge-science, education-initiation etc. Therefore, proper and beautiful practice of language plays a helpful role in the development of language.

The use of language in human-to-human, racial-to-national harmony also leads to segregation. In the process of change, we are living in a world where everything is being capitalized to survive in the struggle for supremacy. The capital's literary and cultural market is centered on language. Human society is in the throes of an existential crisis. In order to get rid of it, it is necessary to make relentless pursuits on the issues of language power, language dynamics, variability, language development, etc.

In the midst of language there is the food of the mind, the food of thought, the food of learning, the food of existence, the sign of being able to recognize creation, and so on. Language is changeable, so if there is an exception to the trend of change, the language loses itself. Many complexities are created. There is a conflict between the same language. As they become enemies of each other, their strength is gradually weakened and taken to a weaker level. Wherever language is a tool for co-ordination, it breeds isolation.

The journey of learning human language begins with the words emanating from the mouth of the mother. Which is known as mother tongue in our life. This language occupies an important part in human life. This language is an integral part of life. No matter how much one's own language changes, the influence of one's mother tongue remains on the inside. In order to understand something, the collaboration of this language is required. The more devoted a mother is to the practice of her mother tongue, the more prosperous she is.

Language is the main element in the development of advanced human society. Modern Bengali speakers are more inclined to practice a second language as their own mother tongue. But if one-third of the amount of labor, talent and time that he had to spend for it was spent in his mother tongue, Bengali would have been a unique language standing tall in the world. The greatest misfortune of this nation was to brag about it. Transferring one's own wealth to the next generation and selling it to the next generation. By avoiding such attitudes, it is essential to concentrate on the practice of knowledge in one's mother tongue in order to maintain one's existence.

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