23 July 2024



A stint of 365 days of 2020 has just been consigned into history as the NEW YEAR 2021 dawned. Sitting at the front gate of 2021 let us cast a furtive glance back over the shoulder onto the balance-sheet of our deeds of the past year (rather the whole life) and focus on whether:

i) we have been simply milling around and lived on the crass and abhorrent assumption that the world owes us simply because we exist (a great lark!), and always use stratagems to skew events in our favour, and forget that life is too short no matter how long we live, or

ii) we always remember that it is not years in life, rather life in years that actually matters, and act accordingly.

If we belonged to the people of the first stripe who live on wishbone and not on backbone, clapat trivia, and always malingers their responsibility to their family, society, and so on, and consequently cast palls over everything in life of others - then let us pray to Allah SWT to Grant us the mettle to come out of this blackdungeon.

On the other hand, if we belonged to the other category of people who mostly live for others, and never lose sight of the purpose of life, and are not guided by whims but by what Allah SWT has set for us,then we are almost certainly destined to augur well,Inshaallah, both here and hereafter.

Let us pray to Allah SWT to morph each and every move of ours in the New Year 2021into an act of Ibada. Let us also pray to Allah SWT to save us from the devastating effects of the Corona virus that began its deathly journey across the globe in December 2019, touched all our lifelines, and has thrown humanity almost completely off-balance.

Dr. Abu Sufian
Former Professor of Statistics and Research Methodology
King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia
University of Bahrain, Bahrain
United International University, Dhaka
Former faculty: Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka

Email: [email protected]

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