09 December 2023

Mental patients are afraid of scarcity


Lack is the eternal companion of human beings. Someone is either in need of money, fame, fortune, car or partner. Deficiency cannot be eliminated. However, it can be controlled. Lack is not the end. So people have to try to get rid of him in the right way by realizing him. When there is no balance between scarcity and the means of overcoming it, in the event of scarcity being eliminated, the level of scarcity increases and new scarcity is created.

Everything in the world has a dynamic nature. It takes relentless pursuit to know and understand him. However, not everyone does it. So those who are not ready to suffer. They then have to blindly grasp everything that goes with their lifestyle very easily. But man is a creation of intellect and conscience. That is why he cannot survive the sting of these at any moment of his life. The events of his past float in the sea of suffering every moment.

There is no denying that every major task or research begins at the individual level. It spreads all over the world. However, if a person's wisdom, faith, intellect and personality develop in isolation, then it is like the moon of the new moon to think of giving him the overall lack. Lack is at the root of all the debt problems we see today. In order to overcome the need of the person in need, he employs himself and invents a method or approach. The strength and effectiveness of each problem-solving approach depends on the coordination of its thinking and development.

The practicality of the theory we see today of eliminating scarcity is visible to our eyes. The results are not good for us. However, every human being in the world is a researcher by birth. So he can't stop his research work. When applied in the practical field, the results are either good or bad. What is unlucky is always abandoned, otherwise there will be nothing left in life but misery. Fearful of scarcity, the cowards live their lives in poverty. The rest of their lives will go on with the determination to cross the path of life's friend by embracing the lack of courage as soon as possible. Give people a beautiful life.

It is not possible to eliminate the scarcity of the earth permanently. However, it is possible to control the shortage. Lack makes people stronger than they are weak. The real knowledge required to control it, the ability to perceive it, the desire to take it, the mindset to seek the right path to overcome it. As the shortage grows, it is important to find ways to address the shortage before making a complaint.

Most people are afraid of death. Most of the time, those who are afraid of deprivation become mentally weak when they see the reality. Because of this he is not able to move forward in life. Even the easiest way to overcome the shortage then goes in front of him. Then, due to the dilemma, he had to step on the wrong path. Wherever he is, he can never return to life. He is a mental patient due to lack of money.

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