19 September 2020

School sports days can be fun for all

Sir Frank Peters seen here with some happy smiling participants at the Matrichaya Ideal School Sports Day in Laionhati. (Photo Ashikur Rahman) -

There was loads of fun, ear-deafening screams of delight and sky-reaching cheers regularly, at the Matrichaya Ideal School Sports Day in Laionhati (Khilgaon) on the weekend.

The weather was perfect and everyone, both guardians and pupils, had a good time, including the non-prize winners.

We never label a child a ‘loser’, just because he or she did not win,” said School Principal Rozina Khatun. “It’s much more important that they try. Winning isn’t everything. To me all who participate are winners, whether they walk away with a prize or not. At least they tried.”

Special Guest of Honour was anti-corporal punishment crusader Sir Frank Peters who participated in countless selfies with the pupils and guardians, and jovially participated in some of the adult-section games… but didn’t win a prize.

“It’s not important if you win or lose, but how you play the game,” he said philosophically. “Having said that, I’m disappointed I didn’t win and get a prize to take away!” he added and laughed.

Quality ceramic plates and coffee mugs were distributed to the hundreds of young winners – the future of Bangladesh. There was also a lottery in which the guardians won valuable kitchen items like electric blenders. A good day was had by all, is an understatement. It brought the entire community together in an atmosphere of fun and friendship.

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